Sleep Walker - Exhibition at Aker Brygge - SKULPTUR 2003
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Sleep walker
250x150 cm,  Epoxy, stone ware
SKULPTUR 2003, 18 june-3.Aug, Aker Brygge Oslo

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The sculpture lends inspiration from classical Egyptian art. But in this case it is not a descent into the netherworld, but a journey through our own chaotic time.

The Sleep Walker seeks a care free life. With arms folded, protecting his exposed body, he glides through life. His eyes closed, ignorant of his own flight.

The sleep walker must not be woken, striding through the city in great bounds.

the harbour in the background
at aker bryhhe with the City Hall behind
Rådhus Plassen in Oslo
On our way down a street
In keeping with the spirit of the sculpture,  my colleague Mette and I decided to push the sculpture through town from my studio to the exhibition space  at the docks (Aker Brygge)  in Oslo.

Quite a few heads turned as the wheels squeaked under the heavy load.