Work in Progress, 2007
Project "Core"
Five human-machine drill bits.

Approx 175-170 cm, Epoxy and stoneware....(could also be an alternative to cast these pieces in iron )
Project Core - under construction
Project Core will consist of five (so far) man-machine creations.
Taking into account a linear evolution, our society will become even more dependent on the machine. A self repairing nano-bio-mechanical creation would seem to make sense in the distant future.
Visually the drill bits will probably be black - oily - drillers - for oil perhaps? The plaster shapes will be covered in black epoxy with metal bits.

On the "emotional" level, Project Core is intended to resonate with the desire to burry oneself and disappear from the surface.

1,2,3,4,5, 6  (pics)
nr 3 wedge