Soda Gallery Istanbul,  March- April 2012
Andrew Barton- Final Frontier
The exhibition is in part supported by
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Norway

ďA dystopian future of possible religious conflict in the heavensĒ is the subject of sculptor Andrew Bartonís show at Nisantasiís SODA, Final Frontier (Son Bilinmeyen in Turkish), whose title recalls the opening credits of the television program Star Trek. Pop culture normally takes for granted the notion of humanity united against the perils of outer space; the sculptures in Final Frontier, by contrast, present the ironic spectable of space helmets custom-tailored to the three major monotheistic religions of Europe and the Middle East: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Drawing on a host of imagery, from Crusader helmets to the Islamic niqab to Hasidic Jewish attire, Barton suggests that an end to humanityís internecine quarrels is nowhere in sight.

The expanse of religion..which at its heart is based on the procreation of its exemplified in the piece "Love in a Time of Cholera".